Where we are…

Honduras Map

Nueva Ocotepeque is located in western Honduras along the border with Guatemala and El Salvador.

Visit http://www.cfcausa.org/wherewework/cp_honduras.jsp for more information on the work that CFCA is doing in Honduras.

For more information on the region of Ocotepeque and its natural wonders, visit http://www.visitehonduras.com/destino_eng.php?destn_id=24&mundo_id=6#info

To see some pictures of the town of Nueva Ocotepeque, click on fotos in the left-hand sidebar at http://www.miocotepeque.net.

More pictures…http://www.cayaguanca.com/fotos.htm and click on siguiente at the bottom of the page.

NEW!!! I just found this streaming video from Ocotepeque. Maybe when we arrive, we’ll wave to everyone from this camera. Click this site to see live images from Ocotepeque… http://www.ustream.tv/channel/www.miocotepeque.net%2Fwebcam1

Enjoy this video of the road to Ocotepeque. It gives you an idea of the landscape in and around the town. It’s less tropical than you might expect — lots of pine trees. In fact, Ocotepeque means “hill of pines”. The video ends with a view of the basketball court across the street from the church in Ocotepeque. (Sorry for the music–it was added by whomever created the video. You can watch the video on mute if you prefer.)



  1. Looks stunning. Isabel was bopping around to the music without even realizing it. You sound so happy, and Isabel and I think it is great you picked the purple room. Yeah purple. We love and miss you guys. Isabel and Karen

  2. Bart & Annie
    So many people ask me how you are doing–I just give them your website!!! It is always so nice to check it out–I “love” the pictures you put on your website with your comments–it lets me view the pictures over and over again. It sounds like you are having a fabulous time, and enjoying yourselves so much…..God Bless you!!!
    Take care, Love Mom and Dad
    Wish you could be here so we could discuss all the “political ads.” Ha-Ha

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