Who we are…

Bart and Annie

Bart and Annie Winter

We met as Spanish graduate teaching assistants at the University of Kansas in 2003 and were married two years later on June 18, 2005 in Kansas City.

Bart grew up in Sioux City, Iowa and studied Spanish and Political Science at Morningside College before continuing on to KU for a Master’s degree in Latin American Studies. Following graduation, he worked for the International Department at CFCA (the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging). Later, he completed a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Currently, Bart works in the City Manager’s Office in Des Moines, Iowa.

Annie grew up in Olathe, Kansas and studied Spanish and Secondary Education at KU. Throughout high school and college, she worked and volunteered at CFCA headquarters in Kansas City. She currently teaches Spanish at Dowling Catholic High School in West Des Moines.



  1. Good luck, stay safe and have fun. We’ll be thinking about you.

  2. ¡Felicitaciones por decidirse a esta nueva aventura! Sé que los dos harán una gran labor como voluntarios y les deseo todo lo mejor para que aprovechen y disfruten al máximo cada experiencia. Los tendré presentes en mis oraciones. Un abrazote y mi cariño de siempre, norma

  3. Bart and Annie,

    It has been good to meet you and to share the common connection of Ocotepeque. I wish you every blessing and good thing as you get ready to go and when you go. Please give my very best greetings to Luis and Miriam and all in the project there.

    God bless you and be with you.

    Art Kirwin, op

  4. Enjoying your dad and sis…..Have safe travel and God bless.

  5. Where are you guys? Call me when you get into Sioux City.

  6. Cari and I wish you two the best, and you will most definately be in our prayers. What an adventure and eye openning experience you will have, a very powerful experience I would think. Please do share with us as best you can.
    And Bart, just because you are in a different country doesn’t mean I can’t still make short jokes at you. Let us know how things are going DOWN there..
    Take Care,
    Ryan and Cari..

  7. Hey Guys! Best of luck to the both of you as you travel down to Honduras. Should be an exciting experience! Take Care!

  8. Hi guys!! I was thinking about you recently and decided to check out your updated page. Hopefully, it was a safe journey down there – it sounds like you are already meeting some amazing people! Anne, I’ve got the bug. I am training for the Des Moines marathon, which is in October. I’ll continue to think about you while I’m on those long, horrific runs (and wanting to walk so badly!!) =)
    Safe travels, and take care!

  9. Dear Bart and Annie,
    Hope you are enjoying your “big adventure”. You have wanted to do this for a long time.
    We will miss you, but we know God will hold you in the palm of his hand. Take care.
    We’ll be in touch again, God Bless you both….
    Love, Mom and Dad

  10. Hola Bart and Annie! My mom sent me this website so I could see what you’re up to. I just have to say how much I admire what you are doing. It’s always been a dream of mine to go and work with the people most afflicted by the HIV/AIDS pandemic–especially with the kids that are left behind (although my mom says I’d just bring them all back with me…;)). I hope that someday I can do what you’re doing. Please know that you both and the people and kids you’re working with will be in my prayers. You 2 are going to make such an impact on the lives of all those you encounter down there. If I can provide any info on HIV/AIDS, the pandemic, the issues surrounding it, how it affects children, etc–please let me know! Hugs to you both!!!

  11. Bart & Annie–Heading to the State Fair in Des Moines will miss you guys….summer has really gone fast. Lots to do and places to see. You have been in Honduras almost a month now–I imagine you are getting in the swing of things–just look at the impact you can have on the young people there….you’re making a difference!!
    God Bless you and your work.
    Love Mom and Dad

  12. Mom and Dad,
    Thanks for the note. Be sure to eat a fried twinkie and a pork chop on a stick for us! You’re right, this summer has gone fast. Though we’ve been here a month now, every day is so different that we have yet to develop a routine. Maybe we never will :). But at the very least, we’re having a lot of fun. So when are you coming to visit?
    Love, Bart and Annie

  13. Sounds like a new adventure everyday! You could probably write a pretty interesting book by the time you get back. Hope things continue to go well!

    Emily and Steve

    P.S. You should be happy you are not in KC right now because we might attach a paint brush to you and make you paint the rest of our house….

  14. Emily and Steven,
    It’s so good to hear from you guys. We’ve been doing a little painting of our own here at Casa Hogar. We’ll be experts by the time we get back. Glad to hear that you’re finally in your house. We can’t wait to check it out when we return for your wedding. It will be here before we know it. Love you guys!
    -Annie and Bart

  15. Hi Bart and Annie,
    Glad to hear you both are doing so well. Your articles are very interesting. Sorry for not checking out your blog earlier. This is great. I will be sure to check it out more frequently. You both are doing a great job down there. See Bart…all your help with the rental properties is finally paying off :). Mom, Dad, and Leah came down for the State Fair this weekend. We ate some cheese curds for you guys. At the Baby Animal Exhibit, Kaylee tried crawling into the cages to be with the baby ducks and chickens. We had a lot of fun. Leah left for Dallas this morning. It was really nice to see her one more time before she left. I have my phone turned on all the time now (sorry about earlier) so please give us a call when you have some free time. We love you and miss you guys. Take care and hope to hear from you soon!!!
    Ryan, Sonja, and Kaylee

  16. Hi Ryan “Showtime” Winter, Sonja, and Kaylee,

    Great to hear from you…it was about time for you to check out the website:) I talked to Mom the other day and she said that you had a great time at the fair. Did you win a stuffed animal for Kaylee? I will call you soon to find out if I should buy a baseball or softball glove for the newest addition to our family. Take care and talk to you soon…

    Bart and Annie

  17. Hey guys. How are things going? Tomorrow is Nebraska’s opening football game. I’ll let you know how it goes. I know you probably won’t get the game down there, but I will fill you in.
    Take care
    Dave Buchheit

  18. Hi Bart and Annie! What a treat it was to spend a week with you two. We had a great time and a very, very meaningful time.

    We know that your parents read this blog, and we want them to know what wonderful, caring, compassionate, hard-working children they have. They must be exceedingly proud of you!

    We’ll be putting our photos up soon and will send a link to you. Hope you made the trip from San Pedro just fine, although we are sure you are a little worse for the wear from spending a week with a bunch of old folks.

    Enjoy your day off. Give our love to Miriam and Luis!

    Matt and Sherry

  19. Dave, Lindsey, and Baby Buchheit,
    We can hardly believe it’s football season already. The time is flying down here. Luckily, we met some sponsors last week who are giving us the KU football update. When do Nebraska and KU play? Lindsey, we hope you’re feeling a little better. We miss you guys and can’t wait to see you when we return in October/November. Take care, Bart and Annie

  20. Matt and Sherry,
    The feeling is likewise. We really enjoyed getting to know you both and hope to keep in contact throughout the next year and beyond. We want to let you know that you are an inspiring couple to us for not only how you live your lives for others, but also for the excellent communication you seem to have as a couple. You have two very lucky daughters! We look forward to seeing your pictures from the trip when you get a chance to post them. We’ve included a few of our own but since the internet here is terribly slow, we can only upload a few. If you end up reading those books we mentioned, let us know what you thought.
    Abrazos (Hugs), Bart and Annie

  21. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Bart! Happy Birthday to you!
    Thursday, Sept. 18th, is Bart’s birthday!!
    God bless you on your birthday and always…..
    I’ll never forget the beautiful Sunday morning
    when you were born…you’ll always hold a special place in our hearts!!! We are and we will always be so proud of you…. Happy Birthday, Son….
    Take care, Love Mom and Dad. God bless!!!
    We will be thinking of you on the 18th–you will be in out thoughts and prayers. Please call….

  22. Feliz Cumpleaños Bart!!! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you! We could go eat at the red barn outside of Omaha lol Just wanted to let you know how much of an inspiration you and Annie are to me. I love you both very much and can’t wait to see you in November. Take care hermano!!!


    I am proud of Annie and You!!

    The beard rocks!

    Cuzin D

  24. Happy Birthday, Bart! Also sent you guys an email today. Hope all is well down south of the border! How about that Jason! He’s engaged and will wed next September 5th in FARGO, ND.!!!
    Take care and know you and Annie are always in our prayers!!!
    Uncle Mac/ Aunt Elaine

  25. Happy 31st birthday, Bart! Have a great time! We hope you guys are both doing well and hanging in there!

    Sarah & family

  26. Hi Bart! Happy 31st Birthday BIG DOG! You and Annie’s adventures are amazing and fun to read! You are both in our thoughts and prayers-be safe, Love, Unc Jim and Auntie Chris

  27. Happy Birthday Buddy!!! I wish I could buy you a beer to celebrate…maybe I can mail you one. Ok, we’ll have to celebrate when you are back in November. I hope you have a great day. I’ll have my cell phone on so please call. It will be great to hear from you both again. Take care!

    Ryan, Sonja, Kaylee, and Baby Winter

    P.S. Sadly, I must inform you that your beloved Kansas Jayhawks lost to South Florida last Friday. The Iowa Hawkeyes, of course, are 3-0.
    Talk to you soon!!!

  28. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Cousin Bart! Hope you have a wonderful day and hope it’s going well down there.


  29. I hear today is someone’s 31st birthday….Happy Birthday, Bart! I hope things are going well for you and you are enjoying your work. Brittni is taking Spanish at SDSU – she is in Intermediate I. She was very surprised to find that the instructor only speaks in Spanish – not like high school. I only took French in high school, so bon anniversare!

  30. Happy Belated Birthday Bart! Big 31. How are things going? You guys will be back in the states in no time. Give me a call when you get a chance. Lindsey is almost 5 months along. She is still sick everyday. Nebraska is 3-0 with a bye this week. They play Virginia Tech next. Well take care guys.

  31. Happy Birthday Bart! Looks like you had a fantastic celebration, and check out those basketball skills you display in that video – very impressive! I love those videos – it’s so nice to hear your voices (and laughs!). Annie, I miss you, and I’ve really been thinking about you on those long runs! I’m less than a month away from the big race…uh-oh! Take care, guys!!

  32. Jen, So glad you like the website. I just had to put the clip of Bart trying to get the local kids to play basketball…they’re so soccer obsessed. I’m so proud that you’re still keeping up with your training. You’re going to do so well during the race! I’ll be thinking of you that day. I’ve started a jump roping workout–since I can’t run. It’s just not the same. Oh well, it’s always good to hear from you. Abrazos (Hugs), Anne

  33. Bart and Annie,

    Best of luck to the both of you in your endeavors. Your effort and help will pay huge dividends for those that you have helped. Keep going strong and I look forward to seeing you back on the basketball court on Wednesday nights next year.

    Take care and be safe,

    Chris McPhail

  34. Dear Bart and Annie,

    Checking this website, I see we wrote you in July to wish you well in August to tell you how much we miss you both and in September to wish you a Happy Birthday and now in October, you will be coming home–so we can tell you all of the above in person when we see you the first part of November. God Bless you both–can’t wait to see you–you’re always in our thoughts and prayers. Planning lots of good old “American” food for you when you are here with us.

    Love, Mom and Dad

  35. Sally and I were just talking knowing you guys would be so pumped about the election results last night. Wooo Hooo! It’s a new day.
    Hope you guys are well.

  36. Happy Thanksgiving!!
    May God bless you abundantly on this day we praise His Holy Name. We went to 9:00 a.m. Mass in South Sioux City, NE. It was a bilingual Mass so uplifting we all sang and clapped. Lit a candle for you and Annie in Honduras.
    We had such a nice visit with you both the week you were home. Thanks for all your great cooking, Annie!!! Looking forward to your safe return home so we can all be together next
    Thanksgiving!! Love, Mom and Dad

  37. Happy Thanksgiving!!! We hope you both had a great holiday. We miss you! We had Sonja’s family over today and it was a lot of fun. We’re hoping to see mom and dad this weekend. We also talked with the doctor this week and we are planning on having the newest member to the Winter family on Dec. 17th. We are pretty excited. Also, more good news, the great wall of Winter is finally complete and it looks great. Hope you both are enjoying your time down there. Take care and hope to hear from you soon!

    Ryan, Sonja, Kaylee and Baby

  38. You guys missed a great game with Kansas Vs. Missouri. While I was watching the game, I wondered who you guys would be rooting for? Kansas looked darn good. Take care guys.

  39. Howdy Winters…hope all is well…we will keep you in our prayers and continued good luck to you on your mission…great pictures and vids too!

    Jason and Kari

  40. Hi Annie and Bart –
    Hope you have an absolutely amazing Christmas eve and Christmas in Antigua, Guatemala. We love you and miss you. Mom and Dad

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